Just a few project management basics can give huge improvements in delivery!

CV Projects is a simple and affordable system to manage your projects

  • Project management best practices based on industry standards
  • All functions integrated to one Project Management console
  • Affordable, even for the independent project manager
  • Good for a roving project manager or a small PMO or team of project managers
  • Quickly get all projects and project managers organized and using a common process
  • All in an easy-to-use web-based system

Only $9.00 per month or $90 for one year !!

New Features!

New!! Monte Carlo Simulation

Upload Microsoft Project schedules, easily set 3-point estimates, and run schedule simulations to see the probability results, including PERT estimates.

In between jobs?

Take this time to organize all your past projects. In job interviews, tell them you’re ready to plan and manage their next project – you’ll have your projects, lessons learned, and a system ready to go. Using CV Projects may give you a big advantage over the others they’re interviewing.

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